Yoga & Organizations = research topic

What would happen if yoga were to form an integral part of organizations?

It is a common understanding of yogic philosophies that you need to actually experience the theory to achieve true wisdom. Based on this principle, I strive to use practice-based cases to discover how yoga can inform organizational development. This would enable application and research to go hand in hand. 

Interesting research areas in the field of Management, Spirituality and Religion could be:

- Can yogic principles and concepts be used to describe organizations? What conclusions can be drawn for organizational development?

- How can organizational development be instrumental in creating the circumstances for conscious working in organizations on all three levels: i) hat individuals need from themselves (individual level), ii) what working agreements need to supply (team constellation level) and what iii) organizational structures and processes are needed (organizational level)

I’m looking for a PhD Supervisor!

Yes, I am very dedicated to this topic. A pre-proposal outlining my research intent in more detail is available upon request. If you think that I might be able to make a valuable contribution to your research agenda and institution, I would be delighted to discuss this possibility further with you in person! 

I’m looking for partners!

companies, institutes, educational facilities, fellow researchers)

Are you also interested in studying consciousness at work?

If so, please feel free to contact me – I look forward to hearing from you!

Vanessa Englert

  Organizational development Consultant & Yoga Entrepreneur

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