Yoga = preparation for meditation

(= to know your self)

I understand the purpose of practicing yoga to be to prepare the body and mind for meditation. There’s plenty to be discovered in meditation: for example your own behavioral patterns, peaceful satisfaction or tranquility. By accompanying you on your journey towards meditation, yoga helps you to get to know yourself.

In my yoga classes, I propose one possible way to access the path of yoga, to work with your body and mind and maybe even to experience your Soul. By teaching yoga practices, I share the tools you need to discover yourself independently.

Individual yoga sessions

Find your personal yoga practice for every situation

In one-on-one sessions of 90 minutes, I accompany you on your journey to discovering your own yoga practice (sadhana).
What exactly we will focus on is based on your needs and requirements, which we discuss in advance.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Travel much? We work together to develop a routine for self-practice that you can easily incorporate into your mobile lifestyle. (#TravelMat #TakeOffAndLanding)

  • Does “turning the world upside down” sound like a fantastic idea to you? We focus on learning asanas on both a physical and mental level. (#Inversions)

  • Does your brain stop working at midday? We find routines that can be feasibly incorporated into your day-to-day (working) life and find ways in which you can establish these routines. (#OmOnTheBus #MentalModels)

Given the current situation: Remote sessions available.

yoga Classes in berlin

Using yoga to achieve a balanced body and a clear mind

I teach yoga asanas (physical exercises and postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and japa (reciting Sanskrit) for a balanced body and clear mind.

In the modern day, we find it particularly difficult to achieve a “clear mind”. By reciting the mantras (Sanskrit words), practitioners of the japa practice learn how to control and cleanse their minds. Just like our body sometimes needs a detox, our mind also requires a purifying input every now and then. When reciting the Sanskrit mantras, we are accompanied by the soothing sounds of the harmonium or the tanpura (an Indian plucked instrument).

No prior knowledge is required. Simply come along and give it a try!

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Vanessa Englert

  Organizational development Consultant & Yoga Entrepreneur

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